The university consists of two divisions: the School of Business and Commerce, and the School of Public Administration and Management

1. Faculty of Commerce

a) Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration
b) Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance
c) Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management

2. Faculty of Public Sector Administration

a) Bachelor of Science in Public Sector Administration (Accounting and Finance)
b) Bachelor of Science in Public Sector Administration (Management)
c) Bachelor of Science in Public Sector Administration (Procurement and Supply Chain Management)

3. Bridging Programmes

A remedial course for students who have attained a full MSCE but with a minimum of 4 credits.
The programme prepares the students to achieve the required level for entrance into first year Degree programmes in any Business or Management studies.
Bridging courses are available in the following subject areas:
• Business English
• Umunthu/Ethics
• Business Studies
• Mathematics
• Economics
• History
• Development perspectives
• Behavioral Sciences

4. Short Courses

Short Courses equip participants with usable operation skills, methods and techniques that are relevant to solving development problems in Malawi.

Short Course list

1. Disaster and Risk Management

2. Monitoring and evaluation

3. Gender and Right Based Approach

4. Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

5. Child Development

6. Project Management

7. Youth Development

8. Organisational Ethics

9. Data Analysis (SPSS, STATA, Excel)

10. Proposal Development (Technical and Financial)

11. Climate Change and Environment

12. Entrepreneurship

These short courses will be relevant to project officers, coordinators and managers, development consultants, budget and planning officers of ministries, departments and agencies, local and international non-governmental organizations, social services groups, humanitarian aid workers, researchers, students and private entrepreneurs


Degree Programs MK375,000 per semester

Bridging program MK225,000 per semester

Short courses Ranging from MK50,000 to MK200,000