Admission procedures

As a new university, Jubilee has embarked on unique degrees that will focus on building the character of our students as well as their intellectual abilities. To this end, Jubilee University shall offer all our students modules in Ethics Umunthu, Development Studies, Critical Thinking & Social Theory to prepare them for patriotism, tolerance and a good understanding of the current world.

Entry Requirements
Applicants for admission into the undergraduate program will be based on academic achievement at the O Level in secondary School. You can download the entry requirement form below.


Exemption Policy

A student may be exempted from certain levels or courses or both provided that the student shall have successfully completed an approved or equivalent university level course or program and that the student shall be required to complete at least half (50%) of the programme through Jubilee University. Specifically, the following persons may apply for a 50% exemption:

    • A person who has obtained a degree from any accredited University
    • A person who has obtained a three year Diploma from a recognized institution of higher learning
    • A person who has obtained an appropriate level of qualification through the Public Accountancy Examination Council (PAEC).

Degree Course Duration

The duration of the University first degree courses will be 8 semesters or four academic years.

Applications for admission into this programme will be based on appropriate attainment of a full Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE), GSCE or its equivalent in six subjects including English. The Application Form may be downloaded below


Fees Structure

All students are required to pay fees. Please take note that fees covers for:

    • Registration
    • Charges of classes, tutorials and laboratories
    • Examinations
    • Library and Electronic resources
    • Personal Insurance

Miscellaneous fees & charges

Other charges such as library fines, damage costs to University premises and other relevant fines shall be debited to the fees account. They must be paid before end of semester to avoid withholding of results.

Details for payment of fees

All tuition fees will be paid directly into Jubilee University student account: Jubilee University, NBS Bank, Number 17717561,Capital City Service, Lilongwe.